It was here at The Dark Manor Inn that Sir Baron Rodney Seagrave was discovered quite dead from poisoning in the year of 1886.

He and his young bride Constance-Dee were enjoying a fine run of business at the Manor but the Baron became greedy and gambled away their family fortune on several shady business deals.

Constance was enraged and spoke ill of her husband to all who would hear, causing great speculation about their future together and that of the Dark Manor Inn itself.

Last seen she was pouring her husbands fateful drink on the night of their annual gala gathering at the Manor. It was said by many that Whisky would be his undoing and it appears they were more right than they knew!

After discovering his body Constance was not to be seen again and the mystery of who really poisoned the Baron could never be proven without doubt. Perhaps she’s still here......somewhere!

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